Qualified connector supplier is the most important factor for chengmao recognized by the customer.we had form a long-term strategic cooperative
relations as the focus, through a comprehensive evaluation of suppliers:technical ability, quality control, production capacity, the stability of management
and the sociality. We are convinced that, with these conditions have, chengmao become customers trusted supplier.

This is also the core market strategy for us.


Over the years, we have established cooperation brand:


In Asia-pacific
Daiwa Kasei、Furukawa、Hirose、JAE、JAM、JST、KET、KUM、Mitsubishi、NIFCO、PLOLAX、POP PRVETS、SMK、Sumiko、Sumitomo、
Tokai Rika、Tokyo Dip、UJU、Yazaki.


In Europe
Autokable、Beer &Blumenauer、BIW、Bosch、Burberg-Eicker、Dabel、ERNI、Escubedo、FCI、FEP、Gessmann、Gremco、Hellermann Tyton、
Hirschmann、HS、Kostal、Lear、、Lisi KKP、Lumberg、MCE、MTA、OECHSLER、Poppe、Schlemmer、Schulte、Stocko、Tesla、、TRW、、Woco


In north of America


In Asia: 35+

In Europe: 20+

In America: 45+


Chengmao welcome more partners to join with the same value