Cheng Mao with a group that has positive attitude, learn together, cooperative and enterprising spirit of the team.

1、 Company culture

Work as professional

Cheng Mao will make full use of existing resources, and constantly open up new areas, and reasonable using to maintain our advantages.

Devote to work

We encourage our employees to be innovative, research and development of new products, open up new business fields.To promote

competition, so as to excite the staff's ability.

Happy to work

Our company gives workers' management rights and more chance, improve the staff's identity, status and a sense of security, let employee share

company’s achievement, develop together with the company.

Make every employee finds own value, happy to work.

Based on our Chengmao company :

The core spirit of our company is that make customers feel emotive service.

The core resource of our company is that be our employees.

The core value of our company is that self promotion.

2、 Enterprise training

The growth of staff, is the internal factor to boost the company growth , we pay great attention to the team improvement.

1).ERP system comprehensive application, external professional technical training with our staff of their own improvement, ERP function fully used.

2).ISO9001 certification training, promotes the enterprise standardization process.

3).SOP of human resource training, Cheng Mao establishes the personnel training and development mechanism, reserve

personnel training for the

company to meet the needs of the rapid development of the company, at the same time, as the core backbone of the staff provides the lifting platform,

improve employee satisfaction, make employee to create high performance.To strengthen the leadership of key personnel training and pay attention to


3、 The welfare of the staff

Cheng Mao pays attention to the health of employees, our employees have annual physical examination.

Group internal activities, achieved sales amount, groups went to domestic or international tourism.

Sharing the achievement of enterprise development, so that employees have a sense of achievement.

We believe that, there is a group has job duties, responsible for the customer, loyalty to the enterprise staff team, it will be construction of Cheng Mao

carrier., should be sturdy.